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Pop Warner Football Leads the Country in DECREASING the Number of Player Injuries and Concussions


What sets Pop Warner heads and shoulders above the rest?  Our commitment to player safety.  We partner with Heads-up football as well as include additional safety measures.  And, it shows.  Pop Warner Football leads the country in DECREASING the number of player injuries and concussions while still maintaining an elite athletic experience for our youth.

"Rather than looking at Heads Up Football leagues in one category, the paper instead split them into two groups: those that did or did not also belong to Pop Warner Football, a division of youth leagues that has added its own rules to mitigate injuries. Pop Warner leagues have disallowed certain head-on blocking and tackling drills and drastically reduced full-contact practice time, measures that were not a part of U.S.A. Football’s program.

As it turned out, only leagues that adhered to Pop Warner’s rules saw a meaningful drop in concussions. Leagues that used Heads Up Football alone actually saw slightly higher concussion rates, although that uptick was not statistically significant. The previously reported drops were clearly driven by a league’s affiliation with Pop Warner, not Heads Up Football."

Pop Warner Little Scholars Executive Director, Jon Butler, "As we continue to make football safer and better for young people, Pop Warner places value on changes that make a difference. That’s why we have done things like reduce contact to twenty-five percent of practice time, eliminate kickoffs for our youngest divisions and require that any player who suffers a suspected head injury receive medical clearance from a concussion specialist before returning to play. Giving our coaches the tools they need to teach the game the right way enhances those efforts. It’s why we made USA Football’s Heads Up Football training mandatory for all Pop Warner coaches. Because we’re confident that a well-educated coach is critical to a safer football experience."

Once again, Pop Warner leads the way in safety!


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